Royal International Air Tattoo 2014, Fairford, UK

All flying photographs were taken by my amazing Canon equipment - a 5D3 and a 60D with either a 300mm with 1,4x lens combo on the 5D3 and a 24-105mm lens on the 60D. Static photos were taken with a Canon G1X Mk2 - truely excellent little camera and highly recommended. RIAT was again good this year except for the non show of the F35B due to technical problems! Great to see the Red Arrows in their 50th anniversary colours though! Pity I had to leave early due to Flying Legends being on the same weekend as RIAT this year. Wish the organisers of RIAT would take this into account!! Next year, things are back to normal though!

IMG_0171-2 - The Red Arrows 50th Anniversary colours IMG_0177 - F16 IMG_0180 - Alpha jet IMG_0198 - Textron Scorpion IMG_0232 - Greek air force A7 IMG_0247 - Boeing P8 Poseidon IMG_2172 - Red Arrows IMG_2180H - Red Arrows anniversary flypast with one each of the top teams IMG_2182 - Red Arrows anniversary flypast with one each of the top teams IMG_2192 - Red Arrows anniversary flypast with one each of the top teams IMG_2202 - Red Arrows IMG_2215 - Patrouille de France IMG_2218a - Patrouille de France IMG_2227 - Patrouille de France IMG_2232 - Patrouille de France IMG_2272- Boeing Chinook IMG_2285H - Freece Tricolori IMG_2287 - Freece Tricolori IMG_2296 - Freece Tricolori IMG_2303 - Freece Tricolori IMG_2311 - Airbus A400M IMG_2316H - Airbus A400M IMG_2362 - Red Arrows IMG_3638a - The Breitling Jet team IMG_3657H - The Breitling Jet team IMG_3694 - Lockheed C130J IMG_3702 - The superb Apache AH1 IMG_3708 - F16 IMG_3709 - F16 IMG_3713 - F16 IMG_3740 - F16 IMG_3768 - Spartan C27J IMG_3780r - Spartan C27J - rolling IMG_3825H - Westland Lynx AH7 IMG_3872 - Westland Lynx AH7 IMG_3829H - Shorts Tocano T1 IMG_3892H - Airbus A400M IMG_3895H - Airbus A400M IMG_3914 - Airbus A400M IMG_3916H - Airbus A400M IMG_3947H - Breitling L39 IMG_3951 - Alpha jet IMG_3954H - Aermacchi AT-339A IMG_3958 - Northrop F-5E IMG_3965H - Typhoon FGR4 IMG_3969H - Typhoon FGR4 IMG_3971H - Typhoon FGR4 IMG_4001H - Swiss Super Puma IMG_4028 - Red Arrows IMG_4063 - Red Arrows IMG_4913H - Red Arrows IMG_4077c - Typhoon IMG_4098 - Typhoon IMG_4113 - Defence Helicopter Training School Bell 412 IMG_4120 - Alpha jet - Patrouille de France team taking off IMG_4134 - Alpha jet - Patrouille de France team IMG_4147 - Alpha jet - Patrouille de France team IMG_4162 - Patrouille de France IMG_4166 - Patrouille de France IMG_4176 - F18 Super Hornet IMG_4178c - F18 Super Hornet IMG_4193 - Eurofighter Typhoon IMG_4236AP - Boeing Chinook IMG_4244 - Boeing Chinook IMG_4283-2 - Turkish Air Force F-16 IMG_4285-2 - Turkish Air Force F-16 IMG_4328H - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4329Hc - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4335 - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4342H - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4346 - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4358 - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4361 - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4375c - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4378 - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4394 - Polish Air Force SU-22 IMG_4423 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4426 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4427 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4437 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4487 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4488 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4489 - Freece Tricolori IMG_4534 - Italian Air Force AMX International A-11 IMG_4540 - Italian Air Force AMX International A-11 IMG_4583 - F18 Super Hornet IMG_4588 - F18 Super Hornet IMG_4639 - Airbus A400M IMG_4641 - Airbus A400M IMG_4657 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E's taking off IMG_4674 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_4680 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_4695 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_4701 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_2320 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_4705 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_4711 - Patrouille Suisse F-5E IMG_4718H - Italian Air Force Tornado IMG_4720c - Italian Air Force Tornado IMG_4724 - Italian Air Force Tornado IMG_4731 - Italian Air Force Tornado IMG_4736 - Italian Air Force Tornado IMG_4786 - SAAB J 1050E IMG_4820 - Apache IMG_4840H - Apache IMG_4849 - Gripen gets airbourne IMG_4859 - Gripen IMG_4863 - Gripen IMG_4864 - Gripen IMG_4889 - Gripen RIAT pano 3H - manorama of the top section of the air base Web Photo Gallery Software by v5.3m