Royal International Air Tattoo 2009, Fairford, UK

RIAT this year was a bit of a washout! Not the show itself, but the weather!! Saturday was fair but Sunday was wet. However, it made for some interesting photography - especially take off's. This was my first time seeing the Vulcan - which was an honour. It is such a beautiful aircraft and seems to handle like a fighter more than a bomber. One very nice touch was the B52 flying over the Vulcan which was lined up on the runway. Awesome.I was one of the lucky few to be invited to take pics close up of the Vulcan and we got some great shots of the two crews - the B52 and Vulcan crews. And again, thanks to the rain, it made for an interesting shot with the reflection on the tarmac.

The usual array of jets and prop aircraft were present and as usual, RIAT was just brilliant. We had 8 teams present - the Red Arrows, the Freece Tricolori, the Swiss Air Force, the Breitling team, Team Guinot wing walkers, the Black Cats Lynx team, the Royal Fordanian Falcons, the Blue Eagles which is the Army Corps helicopter team.

Great flying, great airshow. Shaun and I had a good time and had several beers with Frans Dely in Meysey Hampton - little did we know that it would be the last time together in that part of the world......

RIAT2009_210 - Dutch F16 taking off RIAT2009_211 - Dutch F16 taking off RIAT2009_248 - Dutch F16 landing with chute - in Dutch colours RIAT2009_271 - a C27J taking to the skies RIAT2009_140 - an Italian C-27J goes into a steep bank RIAT2009_221 - very honoured to see the Vulcan fly RIAT2009_262 - very honoured to see the Vulcan fly - here taking off from a wet runway RIAT2009_216 - very honoured to see the Vulcan fly RIAT2009_220 - flies like a fighter RIAT2009_247 - the B52 taking off from wet runway RIAT2009_161 - ....and flies by RIAT2009_261 - now here is a unique pic - a B52 flies over the Vulcan which is lining up for take off RIAT2009_267 - the crews of the B52 and the Vulcan pose for pics RIAT2009_232 - a colourful BAe Hawk taking off RIAT2009_258 - BAe Hawk taking off RIAT2009_223 - two of the Breitling team taking off in formation RIAT2009_225 - tight formation by the Breitling team RIAT2009_227 - tight formation by the Breitling team RIAT2009_230 - trailing smoke, the Breitling team RIAT2009_231 - slowing the L39 down with some high alpha RIAT2009_251 - the Freece Tricolori get airbourne RIAT2009_253 - the solo heads for the correct spot.... RIAT2009_254 - ....and through he goes. Great timing RIAT2009_241 - lots of smoke around and the Freece Tricolori trail a bit more - in Italian colours RIAT2009_252 - all nine aircraft in tight formation RIAT2009_243 - makes for a pretty pic RIAT2009_207 - the Jordanian team - not the most exciting team in the Extras RIAT2009_197 - the Guinot team wingwalkers RIAT2009_196 - r e a c h for me RIAT2009_255 - close encounter RIAT2009_195 - the Swiss team in PC7's in formation with a Swiss F18 RIAT2009_183 - a closeup of the PC7 RIAT2009_192 - follow my leader RIAT2009_186 - anything the big boys can do..... RIAT2009_214 - RAF Chinook RIAT2009_272 - RAF Sea King RIAT2009_205 - two Royal Navy Lynx do an aerial ballet RIAT2009_201 - Royal Navy Sea King RIAT2009_198 - Royal Navy Sea King RIAT2009_152 - RAF Apache RIAT2009_148 - RAF Apache RIAT2009_150 - Army Lynx RIAT2009_146 - Royal  Navy Merlin HC3 RIAT2009_144 - Royal  Navy Merlin HC3 RIAT2009_131 - Royal  Navy Merlin HC3 RIAT2009_209 - BBMF Lancaster RIAT2009_167 - Red Arrows in formation take off RIAT2009_187 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_178 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_177 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_176 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_175 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_174 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_173 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_172 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_171 - Red Arrows RIAT2009_268 - Red Arrows this pic of them talking off in the wet RIAT2009_180 - Red Arrows solos cross over - this was taken with one shot - not on continuous mode RIAT2009_270 - Red Arrows solos cross over - this was taken with one shot - not on continuous mode RIAT2009_269 - Red Arrows solos cross over - this was taken with one shot - not on continuous mode RIAT2009_179 - Red Arrows solos cross over - this was taken with one shot - not on continuous mode RIAT2009_181 - Red Arrows solos cross over - this was taken with one shot - not on continuous mode RIAT2009_162 - Finnish Air Force F18 taking off RIAT2009_163 - Finnish Air Force F18 taking off RIAT2009_165 - Finnish Air Force F18 RIAT2009_157 - Daussault  Rafale RIAT2009_155 - Daussault  Rafale RIAT2009_154 - Daussault  Rafale RIAT2009_153 - Daussault  Rafale RIAT2009_133 - Spanish F18 RIAT2009_129 - Spanish F18 RIAT2009_235 - Eurofighter Typhoon RIAT2009_236 - Eurofighter Typhoon RIAT2009_190 - Harrier RIAT2009_184 - Swiss F18 RIAT2009_182 - Gripen gets airbourne RIAT2009_137 - Gripen RIAT2009_170 - Nimrod RIAT2009_168 - DC10 fuel tanker RIAT2009_239 - Boeing 757 from the New Zealand Air Force RIAT2009_126 - F16 RIAT2009_125 - Greek F4 Phantom RIAT2009_124 - Transall C160 D RIAT2009_123 - Beoing Sentry RIAT2009_274 - USAF Globemaster RIAT2009_245 - USAF A10 RIAT2009_246 - Brazilian Air Force C-105A Amazonas with fancy art work