Royal International Air Tattoo 2007, Fairford, UK

RIAT 2007 was a unique in that the USAF Thunderbirds were present. This was their first outing into Europe and the UK. I must say, a very well oiled and polished team. They were up against some of the best - the Red Arrows and the Freece Tricolori (the Italian team). Some of the usual aircraft were there, the B1B Lancer with it's ground shaking take off, the BAe Hawks, Eurofighter Typhoons and F18's, F15's and the B52. One of the more interesting displays was the F117 Stealth Fighter although it did not really push that hard if truth be told. Nice top see the dispaly by a Tornado and the four WW2 aircraft in formation, three Spits and one Hurricane. As usual, the static displays were great with many different types on the ground for people to look at including a Stealth fighter. Great show, great vibe as always.

RIAT2007_001 - the Thunderbirds from the USAF display at RIAT 2007 - this the team leader taking off RIAT2007_002 - number 5 taking off - note the 5 is upside down as he flies upside down a fair amount RIAT2007_003 - number 6 taking off and cleaning up RIAT2007_004 - 1 to 4 in tight formation RIAT2007_005 - very nice colours - remindes me of the Silver Falcons RIAT2007_007 - number six shows the top of the aircraft RIAT2007_008 - 1 to 4 in tight formo RIAT2007_009 - just how tight are they? RIAT2007_010 - and flying away from the crowdline RIAT2007_012 - pilots looking down at the crowdline RIAT2007_013 - the two solos - 6 the right way up and 5 upside down - see, you can read the 5 now RIAT2007_014 - extra tight formation from left to right RIAT2007_015 - 5 pulling up into a tight climb RIAT2007_016 - the top 4 in dirty configuration RIAT2007_017 - so tight you can only see 1,3 and 6 RIAT2007_018 - vortex coming off the wingtips RIAT2007_019 - the leader landing RIAT2007_020 - B1B Lancer in a high speed flypast with wings swept back RIAT2007_021 - and back again RIAT2007_022 - then a slow flypast with the wings swept forward RIAT2007_023 - Hellcat - for sure RIAT2007_024 - a Belgium Air Force Sea King RIAT2007_025 - a Belgium Air Force Sea King RIAT2007_026 - Nimrod MRA4 RIAT2007_027 - Nimrod RIAT2007_028BAe Hawk cleans up after take off RIAT2007_029 - BAe Hawk RIAT2007_030 - Eurofighter Typhoon RIAT2007_031 RIAT2007_032 - Eurofighter Typhoon RIAT2007_033 - Eurofighter Typhoon RIAT2007_061 - Eurofighter Typhoon RIAT2007_034 - Falcon 20 RIAT2007_035 - three Spitfires and one Hurricane RIAT2007_036 - Hurricane Mk II RIAT2007_038 - a Dutch F16 taking off - steep climbout RIAT2007_039 - ....and with afterburner going RIAT2007_037 - two of the Red Arrows taking off - note backseaters RIAT2007_040 - every year the Red Arrows do a flypast with another aircraft - this year with the four WW2 aircraft RIAT2007_041 - the Red Arrows RIAT2007_042 - the Red Arrows RIAT2007_043 - the Red Arrows RIAT2007_044 - the Red Arrows RIAT2007_045 - the Red Arrows RIAT2007_046 - the two solo opposing pair cross RIAT2007_047 - the Red Arrows RIAT2007_048 - the Red Arrows breaking RIAT2007_049 - a Swiss F18 getting airbourne RIAT2007_050 - afterburner with vortex off the wingtips RIAT2007_051 - Lynx RIAT2007_052 - RAF BAe Hawk RIAT2007_053 - BBMF's Lancaster RIAT2007_054 - an Alpha Jet taking off RIAT2007_055 - an Alpha Jet taking off RIAT2007_056 - the Freece Tricolori geting airbourne RIAT2007_057 - the Freece Tricolori RIAT2007_058 - the Freece Tricolori RIAT2007_059 - the Freece Tricolori RIAT2007_060 - the Freece Tricolori RIAT2007_062 - RAF Boeing E-3A Sentry RIAT2007_070 - RAF Boeing E-3A Sentry RIAT2007_075 - RAF Boeing E-3A Sentry RIAT2007_063 - Tornado GR4 RIAT2007_064 - Tornado GR4 RIAT2007_065 - BAe Hawk RIAT2007_066 - BAe Hawk RIAT2007_071 - RAF Hercules C130J RIAT2007_073 - RAF Hercules C130J RIAT2007_067 - RAF Hercules C130J RIAT2007_068 - RAF Chinook RIAT2007_069 - Tornado GR4 RIAT2007_072 - Tornado GR4 RIAT2007_074 - Tornado GR4 RIAT2007_076 - Indian Air Force IL-78 RIAT2007_077 - the Thunderbirds lineup RIAT2007_080 - whatever SAA can do, some others copy...... RIAT2007_081 - F15 Eagle pushing vortex RIAT2007_082 - F15 Eagle trainling vortex RIAT2007_083 - F15 Eagle flying in murky weather RIAT2007_084 - F15 Eagle landing - high angle RIAT2007_085 - F117 Stealth Fighter RIAT2007_086 - F117 Stealth Fighter RIAT2007_087 - the Thunderbirds take off into the gloom RIAT2007_088 - Thunderbirds F16 in the gloom RIAT2007_089 - Vlam gat RIAT2007_090 - Thunderbirds team leader landing RIAT2007_091 - the B52 lands with chute - spectacular RIAT2007_092 - Eurofighter taking off RIAT2007_093 - an afterburner take off RIAT2007_094 - the Red Arrows perform their flat show RIAT2007_095 - Red Arrows liason officer talking us through the display