Flying Legends 2015

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Flying Legends 2015 was again amazing with fifteen Spitfires present. Also attending was the Red Bull P38 Lightning - a first for me. All photos taken with my Canon equipment - a 5D3 with 300mm F2,8 plus 1,4X convertor and a 7D3 with 70-300mm F3,5 lens.


IMG_0006 IMG_0029 IMG_0041 IMG_0067 IMG_0078 IMG_0092 IMG_0112 IMG_0163 IMG_0178 IMG_0186 IMG_0206 IMG_0215 IMG_0222 IMG_0235 IMG_0267 IMG_0276 IMG_0306 IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0344 IMG_0368 IMG_0377 IMG_0383AP IMG_0492 IMG_0500 IMG_0570 IMG_0613 IMG_0621AP IMG_0782AP IMG_9785AP IMG_9861crop IMG_9869 IMG_9889 IMG_9994 Web Photo Gallery Software by v5.3m