Flying Legends 2014

All photos taken with Canon equipment - flying photos with a Canon 5D3 and 300mm with 1,4x convertor and static with a Canon 60D with 24-105mm lens.

One day at Flying Legends is never near enough time to cover this great airshow. Unfortunately I had only Sunday this year to do just that. Highlight was seeing the 11 Spitfires in the air at one time. Goosebump stuff!

IMG_2368 - part of the Spitfire lineup IMG_2376 - Breitling Constellation IMG_2380H- Breitling Constellation IMG_2381 - another view of the Spitfire lineup IMG_4925H - the Spitfires start taxiing to take off IMG_4943 - eleven Spitfires in formation IMG_4949H - four of the eleven Spitfires IMG_4958 - four Spitfire Mk1's in formation - first time since WW2 IMG_4976 - four Spitfire Mk1's in formation - first time since WW2 IMG_4981H - four Spitfire Mk1's in formation - first time since WW2 IMG_5012 - Spitfire Mk1 landing IMG_5026 - Griffon engined Spitfire flaypast - Mk16 IMG_5042H - Spitfire MkVB IMG_5047H - Griffon engined Spitfire MK18 IMG_5049 - Spitfire MkVB IMG_5058H - Spitfire Mk18 IMG_5060-1H - Spitfire MKVB
IMG_5062-1 - Spitfire MkVB IMG_5072 - Spitfire Mk16 IMG_5089 - Breitling Constellation IMG_5090H - Breitling Constellation IMG_5102H - Breitling Constellation IMG_5104H - Breitling Constellation IMG_5113H - Breitling Constellation IMG_5139 - Bearcat/Wildcat/Hellcat/ Corsair IMG_5145 - Hellcat IMG_5148 - Wildcat IMG_5152 - Corsair IMG_5159H - Hellcat IMG_5202H - Bearcat IMG_5217 - P40F Warhawk IMG_5218H - P40F Warhawk IMG_5234 - Curtiss Hawk 75 IMG_5240 - P40F Warhawk IMG_5246-2H - two Buchon (Me109's) IMG_5258 - Buchon (Me109) IMG_5262 - Mustang P51D IMG_5270H - Buchon HA-1112 IMG_5275 - P51 Mustang IMG_5280H - B17 Sally B with P51 Mustang IMG_5281-1 - B17 Sally B with P51 Mustang IMG_5293H - P51D Mustang IMG_5300 - Ferocious Frankie P51D IMG_5308-2H - B17 Sally B IMG_5323H - B17 Sally B IMG_5328 - B17 Sally B IMG_5333H - Red Bull B25 Mitchell IMG_5343 - Red Bull B25 Mitchell IMG_5356H - Hurricane MkII IMG_5361H - Gloster Gladiator IMG_5386H - Lysander IMG_5392H - Bucker Jungmann IMG_5437-2H - BBMF Lancaster and Hurricane IMG_5451H - BBMF Hurricane IMG_5458H - BBMF Lancaster IMG_5478 - BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane formation IMG_5498-2 Web Photo Gallery Software by v5.3m