Flying Legends 2009, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK

Legends 2009 was one of disappointment - and enjoyment. Disappointment because several of the Fighter Collection aircraft were not allowed to fly due to a beaurocratic blunder. Also, B-17 Sally B was unserviceble - not good. However, there was a lot of new aircraft to see fly so that made up for the disappointment. New aircraft for me were the three Fokker DR1 replica's along with a Neiuport 17 and a Bleriot. Kind of quaint to see these old aircraft floating around. They sure are not fast! Nice to see the Horsemen, Jim Beasley (the leader), Dan Friedkin (right wing) and Ed Shipley (left wing). These guys know how to fly Mustangs in a very tight formation. I was lucky enough to meet Dick Lord of "Vlamgat" fame. What a nice man! We chatted about the SAAF and Waterkloof airbase, Mirage F1's and Flying Legends. We met again at RIAT and continued our conversation. Unfortunately Dick passed away in October after a long illness. R.I.P. Dick, you were a gentleman of note.

Thanks to Shaun Melass, my mate who travels with me to UK airshows. Without you there mate, Legends is just not the same. We did however enjoy this year....

One word on photography! Never use a new camera at a major airshow - learn to use it before you get there. I had just bought my Canon 5D Mk II and battled to get decent shots. Took some time to get used to it.

FL2007_119 - Spitfire Mk XVIII FL2007_063 - Spitfire Mk IXe FL2007_111 - Seafire XVII FL2007_110 - Spitfire XVIe FL2007_011 - Spitfire Vb FL2007_061 - two Spits taking off in formation FL2007_034 - Hurricane IIc FL2007_043 - Hurricane Mk IIb FL2007_098 - two Mk 1 Hurricanes FL2007_097 - two Mk 1 Hurricanes FL2007_035 - Hurricane Mk IIc comes in to land FL2007_018 - Focke Wolfe 190 landing. This aircraft unfortuantely crashed into the sea off France a few years back and has since been salvaged. It will be rebuilt FL2007_017 - FW190 FL2007_016 - Buchon (Spanish Me109) FL2007_013 - the two German aircraft fly in formation FL2007_073 - Buchon HA 1112 (Me109) FL2007_109 - P40B Warhawk FL2007_120 - YAK 3 and a Mustang P51D FL2007_083 - the famed Mustang tailchase FL2007_081 - the Horsemen display FL2007_080 - the Horsemen display FL2007_066 - the Horsemen display FL2007_002 - the Horsemen display FL2007_058 - the Horsemen display FL2007_068 - P51D Mustang FL2007_067 - P51D Mustang FL2007_055 - P51D Mustang - armourers loading the guns FL2007_054 - my favourite Mustang - Big Beautiful Doll FL2007_056 - arty shot of BBD FL2007_038 - a Thulin A/Bleriot replica FL2007_104 - Fokker DR1 replica FL2007_103 - Fokker DR1 replica FL2007_101 - Fokker DR1 replica FL2007_100 - Neuiport 17 replica FL2007_044 - Fokker DR1 replica FL2007_041 - Lysander FL2007_096 - Lysander and Gloster Gladiator in formation FL2007_095 FL2007_094 - Gloster Gladiator FL2007_001 - YAK 3 FL2007_076 - Sea Fury FL2007_118 - Sea Fury FL2007_116 - Sea Fury FL2007_074 - a familiar Sea Fury, this one used to belonmg to Stu Davidson in South Africa FL2007_021 - P40B Warhawk FL2007_047 - Morane D-3801 FL2007_108 - Skyraider FL2007_010 - Skyraider FL2007_052 - Skyraider art work FL2007_113 - Duke of Brabant B-25 FL2007_059 - three B-25's plus a P40 Warhawk FL2007_107 - Dakota DC3 FL2007_089 - BBMF Lancaster FL2007_086 - BBMF Lancaster with bomb bay open FL2007_028 - B17 FL2007_085 - B17 FL2007_090 - B17 FL2007_024 - B25 Mitchell FL2007_023 - B25 Mitchell FL2007_022 - B25 Mitchell - this B25 has been sold to Paul Allen and is in his collection in Seattle FL2007_004 - crew of the B17 - actors playing the part FL2007_121 - part of the Duxford Legends Balbo FL2007_051 - four of the original Band of Brothers FL2007_007 - my friend, the late Dick Lord, ex SAAF pilot FL2007_003 - yours truly at Duxford