Flying Legends 2006 - Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK


FL2006_001 - a de Havilland Dragon - this particular aircraft was originally built in Australia for the RAAF FL2006_002 - a self portrait in a de Havilland Dragon's spinner FL2006_003 - FL2006_004 - another self portrait - this time the spinner of the Duke of Brabant B-25 Mitchell. Also in picture is my friend from the DOB, Coert Munk FL2006_005 - a French fighter called a  Morane 406. If I am not mistaken, this is the only one in existence FL2006_006 - a Gladiator 1 in Swedish colours FL2006_007 - a Buchon, which is a Spanish built Me-109 FL2006_008 - a Buchon, which is a Spanish built Me-109 FL2006_009 FL2006_010 - part of the magic of Flying Legends is the actors that dress in the flying suits of the period FL2006_011 - ahhhh - heaven. ELEVEN Spitfires lined up FL2006_012 - a Seafire with folded wings FL2006_013 - not a six bladed prop on a Spit but a contra rotating Griffen engine as fitted to a Shackleton FL2006_014 - Sally B's flight deck - aka Memphis Belle FL2006_015 - what the bomb aimer would have seen from a B-17 bomb aimers window FL2006_016 - 6 of the 11 Spits in flight FL2006_017 - Spitfire TD248, a Mk 16 with a Merlin engine FL2006_018 - Spitfire TD248, a Mk 16 with a Merlin engine FL2006_019 - a Merlin engined Spitfire VB FL2006_020 - Spitfire TD248, a Mk 16 with a Merlin engine FL2006_021 - a Buchon, which is a Spanish built Me-109 in flight FL2006_022 - three Bristol F2B WW1 fighters in formation against a dark sky FL2006_023 - a YAK 3 pulls up into a steep climb FL2006_024 - a Seafire Mk XVII one of a kind FL2006_025 - a Seafury FL2006_026 - a Hurricane IIC belonging to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) FL2006_027 - a Grumman Tigercat flown by Pete Kinsey FL2006_028 - Big Beautiful Doll, a P51D Mustang FL2006_029 - another P51 Mustang FL2006_030 - and another FL2006_031 - a Hellcat flying with a Wildcat FL2006_032 - a Tigercat flying with a Bearcat FL2006_033 - BBD Mustang - an awesome Mustang FL2006_034 - BBD Mustang - an awesome Mustang FL2006_035 - loads of interesting aircraft at Legends - this time a Catalina, one of two flying at this particular show FL2006_036 - one friendly Mustang pilot FL2006_037 - the two Catalina's together FL2006_038 - FL2006_039 - Memphis Belle aka Sally B FL2006_040 - the Thunderbolt again FL2006_041 - the checker cowling is in honour of the original owner of Sally B FL2006_042  - Sally B FL2006_043 - Morane taking off FL2006_044 - my friends from the Duke of Brabant Air Force - a Dutch group of aviation enthusiasts FL2006_045 - a German owned JU52 FL2006_046 - the Tigercat taking off FL2006_047 - Mustangs take to the skies FL2006_048 - Spitfire taking off FL2006_049 - Spitfire MkXIVE taking off FL2006_050 - the famous Duxford Flying Legends balboa FL2006_051 - looking at the back of the balboa FL2006_052 - Tigercat FL2006_053 - Spitfire IXe FL2006_054 - the boss man of Flying Legends - and The Fighter Collection, Stephen Grey FL2006_055 - Charlie Brown, a visitor to SA to give formation flying courses FL2006_056 - Hurricane II FL2006_057 - a Gloster Gladiator in the making FL2006_058 - A Seafury being rebuilt in the hangars at Duxford FL2006_059 - a Beaufighter being rebuilt FL2006_060 - part of a collection of aircraft in one of the hangars FL2006_061 - surviving members of the Doolittle Raiders FL2006_062 - my good mate Shaun with one of the Doolittle Raiders FL2006_063 - Shaun with the artist of the Doolittle Raiders painting FL2006_064 - Elly Sallingboe (owner of Sally B) with some of the marketing team FL2006_065 - the Doolittle Raiders pose for cameramen FL2006_067 - Spitfire TD248, a Mk 16 with a Merlin engine FL2006_068 - one of the nicest Spits around, this one has a Grippon engine FL2006_069 - a de Havallind Fox Moth - very rare FL2006_072 - FL2006_073 - once again, the Catalina FL2006_074 - FL2006_075 - poor pic but when last did you see two B-17's together FL2006_076 - the DOB B-25 taxing back to the apron with the JU52 takling off in the background FL2006_077 - Two Mustangs taking off FL2006_078 - Spit flyby FL2006_079 - two Spits cleaning up after take off FL2006_080 - Spitfire Mk XIX with contra rotating Griffon engine FL2006_081 - a tight formation flyby by two Spits FL2006_082 - final flyby by some of the aircraft as seen in the American Air Force Museum windows at Duxford