320 Squadron tribute - and to my father

320 Squadron was a Dutch RAF squadron. The squadron was made up of Free Dutch who volunteered to fight against Germany during WW2. My father started his war time training in April 1943 in Canada. The training was done in Avro Ansons. His training was for navigator and bomb aimer so they trained till November 1943.They were then transferred to the UK for further training on B-25 Mitchells which is what 320 Squadron flew. The training lasted from Feb 1944 till June 1944. The training included bombing, navigation and night flying.My fathers crew first went into real war on 3 July 1944. His first tour ended on 19 November 1944. In between was intensive flying and bombing raids into occupied France from Melsbroek in Belgium. His war ended in August 1945 and he was awarded the Dutch DFC.

320__0001 - Aircraft fitters work on a B-25 Mitchell prior to a raid into occupied France WW2_ - Rows of B-25 bombers being loaded with bombs 320__0008 - Ground crews arm B-25's before a raid into occupied France 320_ - B-25's taxi out to the runway at Melsbroek in Belgium 320__0013 - B-25's taxi out to the runway at Melsbroek in Belgium 320__0005 - B-25's taxi out to the runway at Melsbroek in Belgium 320__0012 - a B-25 taking off from Melsbroek 320__0004 - a B-25 on a raid to occupied France 320__0003 - B-25's from 320 Squadron dropping bombs on occupied France 320__0007 - my father in B-25 K King over occupied France 320__0009 - Servicemen from the seven different countries getting their wings and Nav half wings from Princess Juliana at Ancienne Lorette near Quebec City, Canada. My father is standing in the front row on the extreme left 320__0010 - my father is front row extreme left 320__0011 - my father poses with fellow crew in front of X Xray B-25. He is the middle guy 320__0014 - my father with fellow crew - he is the second from the left 320__0015 - a map of Melsbroek aerodrome 320__0018 - two pages from my fathers logbook - shows how they flew into heavy flak