Centenary of Flight -2003 - Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK

The Centenary airshow at Duxford was a special one for me. I was the only South African photo-journalist at the airshow respresenting South Africa and SAA. The star of the show was undoubtedly the SAA Boeing 747-400 that gave a most amazing display. It has to be the first airshow that I have attended in the UK that the crowd actually applauded after the display - on both Saturday and Sunday. Amazing! They had never seen anything quite like it and most wondered - aloud - why their own airlines could not do the same thing!! What made it even better was the commentary. Present were Brian Emmenis and Scully Levin to fill in the details for the crowd - they did a fine job. The September airshow is a very different airshow compared to Flying Legends in that the variety of aircraft is from old aircraft to modern jets and usually has the Red Arrows somewhere in the mix. For me, the Sabre was great (after the SAA 747) as I grew up in that era - I remember sitting at Swartkops and later at Waterkloof air bases and watching the SAAF Sabre's displaying. Photgraphically, this was very difficult again as it rained and I HAD to get the shot as SAA had sponsored my flights and were expecting results! When I look back on these photos, I can only marvel how much I have learnt over the years. These pics taken with my first Canon - a 10D with Canon 28 - 300mm lens. The lens was kindly loaned to me by Canon SA

Dux2003_001 - BBMF Dakota taking in Dux2003_002 - the first arrival of the SAA 747 - a very proud moment for us South Africans at Duxford Dux2003_003 - Steep turn over the countryside Dux2003_004 - SAA 747 coming in for a landing - not Dux2003_005 - a Harrier takes off in the wet Dux2003_006 - hovering over the runway Dux2003_007 - and landing again with loads of spray Dux2003_008 - the Harrier taxing in Dux2003_009 - a Hellcat does a solo Dux2003_010 - Memphis Belle - Sally B taking off Dux2003_011 - a Sabre taking off Dux2003_012 - Memphis Belle aka Sally B  displays Dux2003_013 - steep banking turn for Sally B Dux2003_014 - Sally B does a bomb bay open fly past Dux2003_015 - fake smoke - hit by enemy fire..... Dux2003_016 - along with the Spitfire, the Sabre is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built Dux2003_017 - sunshine on the belly of the Sabre Dux2003_018 - showing the top Dux2003_019 - .....and taxing past, heat haze trailing Dux2003_020 - a Canberra bomber Dux2003_021 - the Red Arrows trailing smoke Dux2003_022 - and more of the same Dux2003_023 - Christian Moullec with his amazing birds flying in formation Dux2003_024 - these birds trail Christian to their breeding grounds each year Dux2003_025 - the Red Arrows in reflection Dux2003_026 - the tight formation of the Red Arrows Dux2003_027 - over the top, the Arrows go Dux2003_028 - Break, break, break Dux2003_029The Utterly Butterly team taxing out Dux2003_030 - a Hawker Hunter taxing in Dux2003_031 - the Utterly Butterly team in formation Dux2003_032 - hard work on that wing Dux2003_033 - Brian Emmenis and Scully Levin giving commentary on the SAA 747 at Duxford Dux2003_034 - Brian Emmenis and Scully Levin giving commentary on the SAA 747 at Duxford Dux2003_035 - Sunday's flight of our aircraft - very proud guys at Duxford - both in the air and on the ground Dux2003_036 - again, over the British countryside Dux2003_037 - tight turn over some older counterparts Dux2003_038 - the SAA 747 displaying at Duxford Dux2003_039 - ain't it pretty Dux2003_040 - slow and dirty Dux2003_041 - a missed approach by the SAA 747 Dux2003_042 - one proud dude