LowePro RL150 Photostream review

I ordered a Lowepro RL150 Photostream bag recently hoping that I would be able to fit all my required camera kit for my overseas trips - including a Canon 300mm F2,8 lens - which is LARGE.

I neednt have worried - technology has improved over the last few years and LowePro has moved with the times. The bag has got smaller but the depth stay the same with some clever placing of the bag handle which slides away into a recess as per the older bags. Therefore, there is no longer a big bulge in the bag that takes up space. All my kit fitted very well - and the bag will now easily fit in the cabin overhead compartment without a squeeze!

The photos illustrate how the bag arrives, how it is packed and the fitting of my kit. The comparision with my old bag gives you a good idea how technology has improved over the years.


Newly arrived camera bag What's inside - well packed Slim and trim camera bag Compared to the old one Place for a laptop place for laptop Model number Space for cleaning kit - and memory cards etc My 300mm F2,8 slots in Two camera bodies More lenses on the other side Ready for any trip Web Photo Gallery Software by VisualLightBox.com v5.3m