Airspace Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK

Airspace is a smallish aircraft museum at Duxford. It is accessible from the airfield and is included in the entry fee for any airshow or any other day entry to Duxford. It has several unique aircraft such as the BAC TSR-2 and an Avro York. Although the museum boasts 200 aircraft, many of the aircraft stand outside in the elements dotted around Duxford. The Airspace hangar is broken down into two parts - I would guess two thirds is the actual museum with many aircraft and one third is a restoration area where the aircraft are brought to be refurbished. Well worth a visit as the history of Duxford alone is awesome. The museum presents the best and most interesting of British aerospace. Taken with a Canon 30D with flash and 17-85mm lens.

Airspace_025 - Airspace hangar at Duxford Airspace_001 - standing underneath the Concorde Airspace_002 - British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2 Airspace_003 - the rear of the British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2 Airspace_004 - the pointy end of Concorde Airspace_005 - Lancaster bomber with a Mosquito hanging above it Airspace_006 - a bouncing bomb stanbds under thwe wing of the Lancaster Airspace_007 - Fairey Swordfish Airspace_008 - Spitfire Airspace_009 - Avro Anson Mk 1 Airspace_010 - Avro Anson Mk 1 Airspace_011 - a Miles Hawk stands in front of a Sunderland Flying Boat Airspace_012 - a visitor looking into the bomb bay of the Vulcan jet Airspace_013 - rear of the Comet and a Tornado Airspace_014 - the front end of the British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2 Airspace_015 - a westland Wessex on the ground and a Westland Whirlwind hanging above Airspace_016 - a Tornado on the ground with a Jaguar and Harrier hanging Airspace_017 - DH.104 Dove 6 Airspace_018 - Concorde Airspace_019 - a general view of the hangar with an Avro York in the foreground Airspace_020 - a Comet with the Dove above it Airspace_021 - a general view of the hangar Airspace_022 - Comet Airspace_023 - the Vulcan bomber Airspace_024 - Westland Wessex