About Pete

I have been involved in photography since the age of 10 when I got a Kodak box camera for my birthday. Back then, my passion (and still is) motor racing - Formula One was in its infancy with stars such as Graham Hill, Jimmy Clark and Phil Hill were just young men tearing around the Grand Prix circuit in East London with me standing several hundred metres away clicking away with my Kodak! I thought it was great, my father patiently telling me it was a waste of time and money with tiny little photos of cars...

Well, my passion for photography did not diminish - if anything, it grew. I went to many GP's at Kyalami and once I got my drivers license, airshows were put on my list of "have to do's". This is when my passion for aircraft really took off - excuse the pun. I cannot tell you how many photographs I took at airshows in those years but many hundreds would be close. Aviation photography had arrived in my life. Being a Pretoria boy, and living in Colbyn and under the flight path of aircraft coming from Waterkloof air base, I remember watching aircraft flying over us from an early age. Once I had a car, the airshow scene became part of my life. I attended many airshows in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg.

It is only in the last ten years that I have been lucky enough to tour the world to see airshows and aircraft museum's in other countries. Being involved in aviation photography in a bigger way and being blessed with the talent of being able to string words together into a story, I have been able to write articles for magazines and in particular for African Pilot. It was at an airshow at Waterkloof airbase in 2003 (AAD 2003) that I met up with Athol Franz and he invited me (after some persuading from me) to send an article in for the magazine. Well, 10 years on and a "veteran" of 60 odd articles in African Pilot we are still going strong!

Equipment has changed over the years from that first Kodak camera. I was a Minolta fan for some time but the last ten years I have become a firm CANON fan and most of my kit is Canon. The ease of use is what swung me to Canon.

As mentioned, I have been lucky enough to attend airshows overseas and amongst my favourites is the warbirds airshow held each year at Duxford in the UK - Flying Legends - the biggest warbirds airshow in Europe. One week later is the Royal International Air Tattoo. Another airshow I have recently been to was in Seattle in the USA where the Blue Angels steal the show. Again, I was extremely lucky to fly with the Blue Angels support aircraft, Fat Albert. Being in the media does have its advantages for which I am very grateful.

I have also been lucky enough to have mates that travel with me - the late Frans Dely and my good buddy, Shaun Melass. Together, we had/have a great time doing what we are passionate about - AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY.

I just hope I can keep on doing this for many years to come.